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Simple Ranger is a space for some of my creative projects, mostly as they relate to my interests in the writing of David Foster Wallace, Google Street View, and the novel The Pale King. You can learn more about me at http://mattbucher.com.

Dear Matt, I just finished ‘sic’ and went on line to read what others have said because I was pretty blown away by this book. Most of the writing made much of the sex and drugs and NYC lifestyle, so I was glad to read yours because it talked about the real reasons to read the book. I had to say that I’ve never read David Foster Wallace, but I have studied ‘The Cantos’ and the life of Pound.

Pound tends to be reviled because of his anti-Semitism. I have brilliant Jewish friends who just won’t go there bc he was an anti-Semite. But people and life are not perfect or all good. Pound fed the stray cats in Venice.

I really loved this book; it’s a book for thinkers and readers who are tired of the usual fare. I think it’s brilliant.
Thank for writing, Barbara


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